About Us

Mrs. Agustina Tiku Managing Director of the Tirriklada Sukses Tratindo Export Co. Company, brings with her a lot of experience in the agricultural, plantation, livestock and fisheries industries. Our journey has developed from direct experience to become a pioneer in domestic delivery of superior quality agricultural, plantation and livestock products to all regions of Indonesia.

At Tirriklada Sukses Tratindo, we combine our experienced expertise with a passion for global trade. Spearhead a team that is committed to excellence. Our commitment to quality, desirability and customer satisfaction remains steadfast, making us a trusted name in the Domestic domain.

I am honored to lead a team that values ​​integrity, innovation and the art of building partnerships. Together, we strive to redefine standards and elevate the essence of Indonesian agriculture, plantations, fisheries and animal husbandry on the global stage.