Vision and Mission


  1. Becoming a supplier company that always maintains the quality of goods and construction that is tough and reliable.
  2. Prioritize occupational safety and health to increase work productivity.
  3. Creating comfortable and safe working conditions
  4. Creating employment conditions by prioritizing workers who are reliable and capable in their fields.
  5. To become a leading rice processing company that always provides the best quality rice for consumers, and contributes to improving the welfare of farmers.


  1. Realizing consumer satisfaction and trust in quality goods and construction procurement services through superior management systems and reliable human resources.
  2. Realizing Zero Accidents in every work activity
  3. Providing quality and innovative products that are able to create added value for all our customers.
  4. Becoming a highly competitive company by using high-tech machines to make work more effective, efficient and of high quality.
  5. Building a network with trained work partners to produce the best raw materials.
  6. Carrying out regular innovation, research and development to produce quality rice products